Start Line!/Stage
Live Ver. 1 | Live Ver. 2


Song Start Line!
Idol Type Cute
Stage Type Live
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Beginning of a Dream (Live Ver. 1)
The Things We Both Forgot (Live Ver. 2)


The performance takes place on a small, simple platform that sits in the middle of a lake adorned with two broken platforms, and two larger platform before it for the audience to stand. The platforms are all made of pink and white stone. Spouts of water shoot up from the front, behind the idol and in front of them, including very large bursts of water that raise at least twice during the performance. Tall bushes, some adorned with flowers cover the area, along with tall white beams that depict purple and pink alternating bows.

The screen behind the Idol takes the form of a gold, ornate band adorned with pink gems and a matching water fountain with a gem in the center attached to pink wings. The water here constantly moves, showing the Idol's name within it.

Anime Appearances


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