The S4 Selection (S4決定戦 S4 Ketteisen) is an annual competition held at Four Star Academy that determines the top four idols within each of the school's classes, and subsequently determines the line-up for S4 for the next year.


The competition takes place over a span of four days, one for each class. The students participate against their fellow idols to determine the top of their respective classes, whoever earns the highest points wins and earns a spot within S4. Points are combined from audience votes as well as scoring from a select panel of judges (the teachers and the headmaster). Should the winner be a graduating student, the runner up is appointed to become an S4 member in their place.

The first part of the Selections are unique for each class, with the second part culminating in a stage performance.

  • Wind Dance Class - unknown
  • Bird Theatre Class - reciting a monologue
  • Moon Beauty Class - runway walking
  • Flower Song Class - unknown


Season One

Rank Wind Dance Class Bird Theatre Class Moon Beauty Class Flower Song Class
1st Yuzu Nikaidō
28923 pt
Tsubasa Kisaragi
29135 pt
Mahiru Kasumi
29625 pt
Hime Shiratori
29731 pt
2nd Haruka☆Ruka
24357 pt
Ako Saotome
25726 pt
Yozora Kasumi
29511 pt
Yume Nijino
27584 pt
3rd Miki Katsura
23925 pt
Arisa Sakamoto
24752 pt
Kokoro Momoi
23279 pt
Laura Sakuraba
27156 pt
4th Saya Akashi
22176 pt
Hana Matsuoka
21826 pt
Asuka Hirose
22185 pt
Lilie Shirogane
27039 pt
5th Tamaki Miyakōji
19752 pt
Mirai Arimura
20753 pt
Chiemi Koizumi
22158 pt
Yuri Ashida
26953 pt
6th N/A Minori Washitani
20074 pt
Misuzu Nakamori
21975 pt
Kaoru Kazama
26215 pt
7th N/A Shōko Hasumi
19285 pt
Remi Suzusaki
21384 pt
Marina Maikawa
25623 pt
8th N/A N/A Maki Nagai
21137 pt
Nana Hanahata
25527 pt
9th N/A N/A N/A Shōko Yasaka
24673 pt

Season Two

The S4 Selection took place during Episode 98 , however, the scores were not shown.

It was announced that all four members of the 26th Generation S4 won their respective selections, confirming Yume Nijino, Ako Saotome and Mahiru Kasumi as members of the 27th Generation and marking Yuzu Nikaidō's third consecutive and final win. With Yuzu graduating, the last S4 spot fell to her runner-up, Haruka☆Ruka.

Koharu Nanakura and Lilie Shirogane were also known to have participated, and were presumably also the runner-ups of their respective classes.


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