Nozomu Igarashi
Kanji 五十嵐 望
Romaji Igarashi Nozomu
Gender Male
Age 14-15 (S1)
15-16 (S2)
Birthday February 18
Occupation Student
Affiliation Four Star Academy
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Anime The Sky of My Color
Seiyū Yūto Uemura

Nozomu Igarashi (五十嵐 望) is a student of Four Star Academy's Male Division. He is a part of the idol unit M4. Nozomu is a cute type idol.



Nozomu has dirty blonde hair with his bangs mostly parted to the left. His eyes are purple. He is mostly seen in a brown vest, white undershirt and black trousers.


Nozomu comes off as the "princely type" as he is very polite and courteous, but he is also noted to be quite stubborn.


Fellow member of M4 and his close friend. He is aware that Subaru holds a certain fondness for Yume, going as far as to inquire if Subaru was jealous of him and Yume getting to act together. Nozomu becomes reassured when he denies this, as he would hate having to go up against "a rival as strong as Subaru".
An acquaintance of Nozomu's with whom he acted as love interests in a drama. He often teases Subaru by claiming to have a mild interest in Yume following this, but the truth behind it remains a mystery.
Fellow member of M4.
Fellow member of M4.
After seeing her sing by the lake during Four Star's Halloween Night, Nozomu takes an interest in her.


Igarashi (五十嵐) Iga (五十) means fifty, and Rashi () means storms.

Nozomu () means hope.


  • He is 176cm tall.
  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • His favorite foods are gratin and nimono (made by his grandmother).
  • His favorite activity is visiting World Heritage Sites.
  • His specialties are sports and studying.
  • He has two siblings - an older sister and a younger brother. His sister always comes to M4's concerts and he often goes out with his brother to walk their dog.
  • According to Asahi, Nozomu is an avid reader of books from various genres, but is frequently seen reading mystery novels as he likes piecing together hints and reasoning in his head.
  • He is the second known male idol student in the entire Aikatsu! Franchise.
  • He shares his voice actor with Kazuna Masunaga from B-PROJECT.
  • He shares his given name with Nozomu Hanamura from the Rilu Rilu Fairilu series.


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