Neo・Venus Ark (ネオ・ヴィーナスアーク) (formerly known as Venus Ark) is an idol academy in a form of a cruise ship that sails around the world to scout for talented idols to join them. It is the rival school against Four Star Academy.

In Episode 90, Venus Ark has been announced for shut down, with the desire to expel all students by March of the year in which the second season takes place.

The decision to shut down the school was then canceled in Episode 97, as well as renaming the academy to signify a new era for the school.



A white and lavender button up top underneath a yellow vest and white blazer with golden trim. The blazer also has lavender cuffs with golden trim and lace and pockets with pink trim. The skirt is also lavender with a golden stripe toward the bottom and white lace underneath. The skirt also has 2 golden buckles on it. The top has a pink ribbon on it held in place with a golden flower. The uniform also has bright pink socks with golden stripes and the footwear consists of white shoes with pink ribbons held with yellow flowers.

Track Suit

A white jacket with cuffs and a swirly design in each idol's respective color. Pink for cute, dark turquoise for cool, purple for sexy, and green for pop. The jacket collar has a yellow star-shaped stud on it. The pants are also in the different idol colors.

Notable Staff

Notable Students



Revealed in episode 71, Venus Ark plans to visit the following locations after departing Japan. The brackets are the estimated cities that the school will visit based on the map in the anime:

  • Singapore
  • Myanmar (Sittwe)
  • India (Kanyakumari)
  • Greece (Athens)
  • Italy (Rome)
  • Spain (Santander)
  • France (Saint Nazaire)
  • United Kingdom (Liverpool)
  • Germany (Cuxhaven)
  • Poland (Gdańsk)
  • Lithuania (Klaipėda)
  • Finland (Helsinki)
  • Norway (Oslo)


  • This is the first school in the entire Aikatsu! franchise to not have a word that means "school" or "academy" in its name.
  • This is the second school in the entire Aikatsu! franchise where the headmistress is a top idol, preceded by Starlight School.
    • However, it is the first school where the headmistress is an active top idol, as Orihime Mitsuishi retired prior to the beginning of the series.
  • This is the first school to be established for personal benefits instead of nurturing idols.
  • This is the first school in the entire Aikatsu! franchise to alter its name.
  • As of its new era, Neo Venus Ark now welcomes all idols, not only those who Elza define to be talented.


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