Miracle Force Magic/Stage
Drama | Live


Song Miracle Force Magic
Idol Type Cool
Stage Type Drama
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1 (Drama)
Wings of Stars - Part 2 (Live)
Anime By Going・My Way♪ (Live)



The Idols perform on a black stage decorated with crimson ribbon, with each point held by a silver and indigo ornament, surrounded by glitter markings. The top of the stage has a blue and white diamond tile pattern with three dark blue light pieces in front of the stage and two in the back. The screen behind the idols is silver and normally displays a red, white, and blue design with ROCK FES. written in black and white surrounded by shiny black stars. On top of the screen is a silver ornate star design with stars surrounding it. On each side of the stage is a large black, sky blue, and silver speaker. Various silver beams and poles adorn the dark blue and purple room, along with rows of lights and white dot designs.




The performance begins with three girls chatting in a classroom. A fourth girl storms into the room, excitedly holding a poster advertising an upcoming rock event and each girl is introduced by the position she plays: starting with Vocal and Guitar, Bass, keyboard, and drums. Quickly they get to work practicing for the performance but struggle to play right.

Eventually, the performance comes along and each girl expresses words of support before they get on stage to perform. As they finish their song, confetti rains from the sky and sparks shoot up, causing the crowd to cheer for them. The camera then switches to a trophy, a photo frame of the girls holding it, and tickets. The camera zooms into the picture frame.


Anime Appearances


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