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"Come have a fluffy sweet dream with Kirara!"

– Kirara before her performance

Kirara Hanazono
Uniform | Venus Coord | PR Coord

Chara kirara.png

Kanji 花園きらら
Romaji Hanazono Kirara
Gender Female
Age 13
Birthday March 30
Occupation Idol
Affiliation Neo Venus Ark
FuwaFuwa Dreamer
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Wings of Stars - Part 1
Anime Perfect Idol Elza (Cameo appearance)
The Targeted Idol!? (Official debut)
Seiyū Nako Eguchi
Singer Miho from AIKATSU☆STARS!

Kirara Hanazono (花園きらら) is one of the main characters of the Aikatsu Stars! series second season and is a student of Neo Venus Ark (formerly known as Venus Ark). Kirara is a pop type idol whose preferred brand is FuwaFuwa Dream.



Kirara has curled bangs and chest-length curled forelocks, while the rest of her hair is pulled up into two thick braided buns. Her hair color is cotton candy blue with stripes of lilac pink along her bangs, buns and forelocks. She has violet eyes with feathery lashes.


Kirara has a fluffy character and lives freely without restrictions. She tends to surprise those around her with her unexpected behavior.


Kirara was born in New Zealand. Although she is often lonely and pampered, she developed great color and design sense from her mother, who is a painter. Kirara is also known as an idol born into the skin of a prodigy.

Back in New Zealand, Kirara once participated in a Sheep Shearing Contest with Caroline but felt upset when others judged her for her unique styling for Caroline instead of the usual shearing involving no style and only speed. It was then where Elza found her and told her that Elza likes Kirara's weirdness, her aura in which no one else has. Invited by Elza to perfect her radiance, she enrolled into Venus Ark due to her admiration for Elza.


Kirara admires Elza greatly, as Elza holds a great aura that Kirara does not have, as well as the fact that Elza believed in Kirara's uniqueness when others did not.
The two are said to have a loggerhead relationship with each other. She seems to genuinely like Ako, even going as far to offer the latter a chance of becoming joint-muse of FuwaFuwa Dream. They later grow friendly to the point where they share the title of the brand muse of their preferred brand.


Hanazono (花園) Hana () means flower and Zono () garden or orchard.

Kirara (きらら) refers to the substance mica. A latin name influenced by the word micō, mica bears the meaning of "to glitter" or "to twinkle".



– Kirara's Catchphrase

"Even without Elza, no matter what happens, I can still stand on stage together with Ako. With her, I can definitely show you all my best performance. For all of my fans who are watching me! Everyone, thanks so much for today!"

– Kirara at Kira Kira Unit Cup

"If I hadn't met you, I'd probably still be floating through life with Carol. I don't regret becoming an idol and finding new excitement every day even one bit!"

– Kirara to Elza



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