Hotaru Yukino
Kanji 雪乃ホタル
Romaji Yukino Hotaru
Gender Female
Occupation Gardener
Former Top Idol
Affiliation Four Star Academy (formerly)
First Appearance
Anime Beyond the Rainbow
Seiyū Yukana

Hotaru Yukino (雪乃ホタル) is a secondary character of the Aikatsu Stars! series and the older sister of Hikaru Moroboshi. Her real name is Hotaru Moroboshi (諸星ホタル).


Hotaru is a former student at Four Star Academy, having been the Flower Song Class representative of S4 during her time. She is the first person to have experienced the mysterious power before Hime and Yume, and consequently lost her ability to sing due to relying on it too much.


Hotaru has long, wavy blue-gray hair tied up into a high, puffy side-tail with thick tented bangs to match. When she was an idol, her hair was straightened and worn with a white headband adorned with three stars - one blue, one pink, and one yellow. She has bright red eyes.


Hotaru is the opposite of her younger brother. She is perky, kind and social. She is also caring and soft.


Yukino (雪乃) Yuki () means snow, and No () is an ancient Chinese character now only used in names. It was used as a possessive particle, from which the hiragana character "の" evolved from.

Hotaru (ホタル) means firefly.


"As long as there are people supporting you, you'll be able to believe in yourself. And if you believe in yourself, I know you can overcome it."

– Hotaru to Yume

"Each flower adds to the vibrancy of the Aikatsu stage. Among them, Nijino-san and Shiratori-san blossomed into particularly large blooms."

– Hotaru to Hikaru after Song Class's S4 Selection


  • Her voice was known as the Fleeting Shooting Star (儚い流れ星 Hakanai Nagareboshi).
  • She is the second idol (former or otherwise) to be a gardener, following Mikuru Natsuki from the original Aikatsu! series.
  • She was a cute type idol, evident by the type of her school dress.
  • She has a sensitive tongue.


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