"Aikatsu, Aikatsu! My effort isn't enough! I'm going to start practicing more!"
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Spread out, Aikatsu "WA"!
Episode 69
Spread out, Aikatsu WA!
Episode Information
Kanji 広げよう、アイカツの「WA」!
English Spread out, Aikatsu "WA"!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 17, 2017
Featured Songs
Opening STARDOM!
Ending Bon Bon Voyage!
Insert Song episode Solo
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Venus Ark's Sca~ry Rumors Jungle Activity!

Spread out, Aikatsu "WA"! (広げよう、アイカツの「WA」!) is the sixty-ninth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series and the nineteenth episode of its second season. It aired on August 17th, 2017.


The southern island theme park "Aikatsu Island" is to be held this year as well! This time, the theme is "Let's spread out, Aikatsu's 'WA'", and with that, many idol schools are to participate. On this island overflowing with liveliness, Yume has a chance encounter with a certain idol--!


The episode begins with Hikaru Moroboshi and Anna Hibiki standing on the festival grounds. Anna mentions that they went over budget at last year's event, and Hikaru replies that the festival this year will be a collaboration, before he reveals the theme of the festival to Anna.

At the same time, Yume Nijino is standing on the side of a highway road with Laura and Mahiru, lamenting about how no cars are passing by. Almost immediately afterwards, a van drives down the road and stops, the curtain swinging open to reveal Akari with her friends, who agree to give the girls a ride to the event grounds ahead. Once the girls climb into the van and it drives off again, all of them begin to talk. Laura informs the three new girls about the festival being held, and it's revealed that Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki are idols as well, from Starlight Academy. Soon the van stops at a building, where Akari explains that she and her classmates had the day off and wanted to go somewhere new. Yume replies by explaining that, as a gift for the 25th generation of S4, she and her friends wanted to gather four-leaf clovers for them, and that Subaru helped gather this piece of information. Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki offer to help Laura, Yume, and Mahiru on their search, and the latter three agree readily, promising to take Akari and her friends to the show afterwards.

As the girls begin their search on a nearby hilltop, Akari and Yume begin talking about their senpais, discovering that the two are more alike than first thought. After Yume gets startled by a frog, Akari discovers a four-leaf clover in the grass, and the other girls come running over, only to rush inside as a short but strong downpour comes over the island. Yume texts Koharu and Ako, to enlist their help in finding the remaining three four-leaf clovers, and Ako puts her impressive M4 fanbase on the task. While at the same time, inside, Laura discovers some sour konbu inside the shop, and a second four-leaf clover inside the flowerpot. In order to speed up their search, Hinaki and Mahiru attempt a technique called dowsing, which is supposed to help the user find things.

Back at the festival, Ako and Koharu come across Shun Yotsuba and enlist his help to find two more four-leaf clovers for their senpai, while Hikaru is left in charge of Yotsuba's donut stall at the festival. In a hot-air balloon, Shun quickly detects multiple four-leaf clovers on the hillsides in front of them, and Koharu relays the information to Yume. Yume's group uses Mahiru and Hinaki's dowsing technique to locate another four-leaf clover, with Ako and Koharu locating the remaining one. The girls agree to meet up at the festival, bringing Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki along with them, and introducing the latter to Hime and the other S4 alumni before revealing the four-leaf clovers to them. After this, Tsubasa and the others go on for their performance.

After the performance, Yume invites the Starlight girls up to the stage, and introduces them to everyone. In her introduction speech, Akari explains how her senpai is now her precious rival, and Yume wonders whether Hime will ever be like that to her someday.




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