Feeling of the Desire to Win
Episode 21
Episode Information
Kanji 勝ちたいキモチ
English Feeling of the Desire to Win
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 1, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
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Feeling of the Desire to Win (勝ちたいキモチ) is the twenty first episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on September 1st, 2016.


All first years from Four Star Academy's Flower Song class are to take an audition over a CD debut. This is a big chance in their eyes, so as rivals, Yume Nijino and Laura Sakuraba tackle the harsh lessons together. However, they overlook each others skills because when that result is shown, "You better not have hard feelings for whoever wins"--?


With the second semester beginning, Anna has managed to get the Idols something big: Their chance at a CD debut. However, the catch is that it will not be all of the students who get their debuts. A strange man enter the room with Headmaster Hikaru, introduced as Sashida. He is the CD Producer who usually handles publishing S4s work and is in charge of choosing a brand new Idol each fall to get her debut. The year prior it had been Yuri, the year before, Hime. With that he reveals the audition will take place in three days before dismissing the girls.

In the Cafeteria, Koharu listens as the duo catch her up on what happened. Right away Yume and Laura get competitive, but the second Laura offers her a fry- Koharu is left speechless. She expresses relief to know they're alright and not fighting, but Laura claims this and that are two separate things.

With that they decide to get to training and join their class outside. First, Anna prepares a large mountain full of exercise clothing for the class and they notice that not only is it too warm, but its also really heavy. Several girls struggle to get the clothing on, more or less lift it, and Anna brings up how well Hime did wearing such an outfit. Such words encourage the girls and they start by playing "red light green light" in the outfits. Both Yume and Laura struggle but they continue on as other girls drop one-by-one. She explains the importance of always being able to pose, no matter the outfit and they continue on.

In Hikaru's office, Hikaru speaks with Sashida. He questions why they are even bothering with this since he already chose Laura, and thinks Hikaru is just teasing with the other girls. Hikaru claims this is an important step for the students however, confident that he knows what he is doing.

With that the students continue on, jogging, climbing tall fence posts, hanging from bars, and a small rest. Eventually Laura manages to pass Yume as several other girls lag behind them. Yume and Laura continue to surpass each other as the finish line approaches with Anna watching. To nobody's surprise they manage to tie. Anna decides they should start with the next lesson, with only Yume and Laura ready to continue.

Eventually evening arrives and all of the students are wiped out. They remove the equipment and to their surprise, the girls notice how light they feel in comparison. Anna decides by now, their final job for the day would be to relax with a bath and massage. Nobody questions her decision and they all take off.

As Yume and Laura return to the cafeteria after enjoying the school sauna they are located by Yuri. She had something important to tell them and sits down with them. She shows them the CD she ended up making the prior year and has brought two of them for the girls, autographing them before handing them over. A bit suspicious, Laura asks Yuri if she always carries her CDs around with her. She claims she only happened to have them that day, then goes on to bring up Producer Sashida and how he may come off as easygoing- but is actually very choosy. He has a real ear and isn't someone to take lightly. Such words excite Laura, as she is happy that someone will fairly and fully assess her singing skills. Yuri compliments how confident she looks, but Yume begins to worry.   

Back in her dorm room, Yume tries to imagine what she would put on her own CD but worries further as she pictures Laura instead. As Koharu attempts to check on her she claims to be fine, concerned that she can't keep up with Laura.

The next morning Yume goes out for a jog. She understands that right now she isn't able to match with Laura, but she really wants to win. Hearing the piano nearby, Yume steps into the building to find Hime playing it and greets her. She asks for Hime to provide her with some tips, causing her to note that the CD debut is approaching. Instead of answering Hime asks why Yume sings, and tells her to sing with her own power. She just needs to be herself, rather than trying to force herself to push further than her abilities or limits grant.

Eventually the Audition approaches. Sashida decides before they even focus on music, a strength test will be issued. Only the girls who manage to make it over the wall will go onto the next round though. Several girls struggle to stay on and one-by-one they begin to drop until only Yume and Laura remain. They are both aware that it was Anna's training that managed to keep them going, and they imagine themselves on a large summit. Once again the girls manage to tie and they find Sashida there waiting for them. He takes the girls that managed to climb the wall to the next task; tongue twisters. Each girl who messes up is called out as each round gets harder and harder and soon only Laura and Yume are left again. For their third task, he asks each girl to show him a dress worthy of using for the Audition. Yume has chosen the Melty Flower Fairy coord, while Laura has chosen the Water Race coord.

Sashida approves of both coords and compliments them, then they move onto the fourth task, an eye exam, followed by the fifth, where the idols must stay on the two lines. Along with the sixth. By now, Yume and Laura are the only two Idols left. Sashida decides the only thing left by now is to test their singing abilities before a live audience. He decides instead of separately, the girls will perform together. Yume is concerned, but Laura claims this is the fair way to go about it and she agrees.

In the waiting room, Yume and Laura chat a bit. Yume is concerned, since her throat is a bit dry and she offers to purchase something from the drink machines out in the hall for both of them. As she tries to locate the machine, Yume happens to overhear Sashida and someone else speaking. Sashida explains that the audition is fixed, as Laura is the one they were set on choosing. They need to pretend to give them both a fair chance, because that was what Hikaru told him to do. Sashida tells them to stay quiet and he compliments Laura and her perfection as an Idol, while Yume isn't nearly ready yet.

Depressed over what she has learned, Yume heads outside to sit by herself. She knew that she wasn't nearly as good as Laura; and this thought is enough to make her cry. She forces herself to stop as Koharu approaches, deciding to have come and watch since her class ended early. She observes the upset Yume, and quickly she embraces her before asking who she thinks the better singer is. She asks for an honest answer, and Koharu mentions that in terms of skill, Laura is better. But she notes how different Yume is on stage some times, and when that happens she does even better than Laura. Suddenly Anna comes by to tell Yume she has to get on stage and she thanks her, running back inside to a frustrated Laura. Laura comments that she was worried about her, then admits that she is a bit nervous as well. As they prepare and change, Yume continues to worry but attempts to force herself to gain confidence. She mentally requests of herself that for once she is able to make whatever changes her to appear; just this once. Changing into their chosen coords the girls appear on stage and perform to "POPCORN DREAMING♪".

Afterwards, the judges begin to wonder what Sashida is thinking. Suddenly he has changed his mind and chooses Yume as the winner. Yume is shocked but delighted by the news, while Laura half-heartedly congratulates her for the win. As the other students congratulate her and express their happiness for Yume, Hikaru grows concerned about her natural power and decides he can no longer ignore such things. Suddenly, Yume begins to cough. She claims to be fine however.



  • The Four Star Students change back to their winter uniforms in this episode.
  • The Water Race Coord makes its debut in this episode.
  • POPCORN DREAMING♪ makes its debut as an insert song.
  • Yume's progression aura appears for the first time, during a performance with another idol.


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