Passion and Pride!
Episode 20
Episode Information
Kanji 情熱とプライド!
English Passion and Pride!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 25, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Dancing Days
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Midsummer's Top Dancer☆ Feeling of the Desire to Win

Passion and Pride! (情熱とプライド!) is the twentieth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on August 25th, 2016.


Yume, Laura, Koharu observe the filming of a movie that S4 and Tsubasa are in. But as Tsubasa attempts to put up with an Actor who does nothing but complain, the stunt person doesn't show up for the final scene. At this rate, the release of the movie will be cancelled. Within this pinch, one idol stands up--!


While heading into the cafeteria, Koharu and Yume discuss the upcoming Aikatsu Island event. They get seated in time for the S4 program to start and listen as they reveal they will be working on a movie. They introduce the audience to the Director of the project, as well as the title "Bodybird" and that Tsubasa will be playing the lead role before applauding her. Tsubasa shares a word with the audience, then makes a promise that it'll be great. They end the segment while Yume starts to fawn over how it sounds. She really wants to stop by the film set to see how things work since Tsubasa mentioned it will be difficult and suggests they invite Laura to attend with them.

A car scene is recorded and goes smoothly while the trio watch from a distance. As they snuck on scene, Koharu reminds them to be quiet until she spots a nearby script. They start to wonder what the film is like and paw through it to learn that Tsubasa plays a racer who ends up becoming the bodyguard of the main protagonist- a man who runs a large company. The other three play the role of the presidents secretaries. Laura and Koharu recognize the man playing the secretary when suddenly a man walks by, wondering where the script he left behind is.

As they try to hide, the man complains about the writers decision to cover him in mud during one scene. He demands a stand-in, refusing to do it himself and the other man quickly runs off to speak to the Director. Tsubasa approaches, introducing herself to the man before asking her to stay out of his business. He wonders if Tsubada only got the role because she sang the theme song for the film, but she tries to deny such a claim; only to be distracted when a staff member spots three people in mascot costumes. The man fears they may be paparazzi, but Tsubasa recognizes the girls and approaches, apologizing on their behalf. The man is understanding and leaves the girls under Tsubasa's charge, where Yume quickly explains that she came up with the idea to spy on what was going on in order to get some inspiration with their Aikatsu. Tsubasa goes off to speak with someone and returns a bit later with a backstage pass for the girls, telling them to hang onto it as they step into a building. These passes will allow them to stay as long as they don't cause any problems and act respectful. When Yume expresses confusion, Tsubasa takes a few minutes to give them some pointers, such as silencing their breathing during filming, but points out to Yume that they didn't actually need to stop breathing. She then points out that the camera has a wide viewing angle so its best to make sure they stay out of the way, and that they shouldn't touch any equipment either.

Suddenly a break is called, so the girls head in for some lunch. Yume is quick to recognize the scent of curry and to her surprise, she finds Hime serving food, along with Yozora and Yuzu, who prepared salad and an adorable sherbet. The girls had time before they appear in anything, so they decided to lend a hand with the food staff so that their work is easier. As they speak Yume recalls the effort she had put into doing stage work some time back and recalls how important cooperation is. The girls sit down to eat and to their surprise, Tsubasa has managed to finish everything- while they have barely even started.

She walks off to overhear a discussion between Taiyou and his manager, where she learns he has been refused to play the lead role of another film. He claims not to care since it was boring, and the man hesitantly tells Taiyou that he isn't anything like he was in the past. Before he was passionate about his work, and he asks why he's changed. Instead of answering Taiyou walks off.

Eventually filming resumes, and Yume is delighted to see Hime, Yozora, and Yuzu will be getting their turns. They watch as the girls get to work and begin filming, with Yuzu and Yozora preparing to fight a bunch of dangerous men while Hime leads the president to safety. Once on the roof, Tsubasa resumes her role as his bodyguard, explaining that while he doesn't like her, she is serious about her job and takes pride in it. He asks that they stop rolling for a second and informs the man who approaches, along with Tsubasa, about the pronunciation of Pride and Bodyguard were wrong. Nobody understands why Taiyou insists they correct this, and while they chat a man runs in to announce they have a problem. In the final scene they were to film Tsubasa jumping off of a cliff, the stuntman who was to do it had to cancel. Taiyou asks what they will do now before reminding the Director they only had today to finish filming, or else it would be canceled.

The mood worsens as he claims he didn't care about his role very much anyway, causing Tsubasa to volunteer just doing it herself, shocking everyone as she offers once more. Taiyou reminds Tsubasa that as an Idol, she doesn't need to do much other than act like one, which he told her earlier. She refuses to listen, saying that while she is an Idol, she's also an actor. The Director warns her its too dangerous, and reminds her that her safety could be risked- but Tsubasa refuses to listen.

Everyone heads over to the cliff and they explain how the scene will work, including that there will be bags to catch her during the fall. While the rest of S4 is anxious, they are sure Tsubasa will be fine and express their belief in her to be okay before they head off to get out of the way. As this is going on, one of the staff reminds Taiyou how his final line will go about in the scene, Taiyou claims she probably won't do it.

The scene begins and Tsubasa runs over to the cliff. She stops to observe the height of the jump when she is cornered by several men. She prepares to jump, but when part of the rock starts to crumble she finds herself hesitant to jump. The Director attempts to encourage her but she struggles and they tell them to stop the scene. Quickly Hime interrupts and tells him that she will be able to do it and makes sure they don't stop the scene. Everyone watches with amazement as Tsubasa jumps and lands on the bags, throwing dust up as everyone worriedly watches to see if she is okay. As Tsubasa walks from the clearing dust she approaches the surprised Taiyou and he asks Tsubasa why she would go this far to her role. One director points out that this isn't the line- but the other stops him, preferring what they are saying instead. Tsubasa reminds him of his past and how he would devote his entire self to the role and he thanks her, ending the scene right after.

Tsubasa is approached by S4 and Taiyou, and he apologizes for being so rude before. He compliments her as both an Idol and Actor, and Tsubasa claims she admires him as an Actor as well. Taiyou realizes how right Tsubasa has been and he decides to stop being this way, to get back in his once passionate roots and continue his acting with that devotion he once held.

They decide to record the theme song and Tsubasa leaves to change into her chosen coord. She then appears on stage to perform "Dancing Days".

Afterwards, everyone applauds the new song. Then that evening they hold a large party for the staff and crew, along with Yume, Laura, and Koharu, with Yuzu commenting on how nice Taiyou is again. They watch as he pours his manager a drink, causing the man to happily embrace him. Just then Koharu recalls they came there for inspiration with their Aikatsu, but catches her in the middle of eating a bunch of food. Yume claims it to be okay since there's so much though, and S4 begin to laugh.




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