Miracle☆Baton Touch
Episode 16
Episode Information
Kanji ミラクル☆バトンタッチ
English Miracle☆Baton Touch
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 28, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Start Line!
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The Moon and The Sun Serious Switch!

Miracle☆Baton Touch (ミラクル☆バトンタッチ) is the sixteenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on July 28, 2016.


It is the second day of the Summer Festival, and Laura Sakuraba will stand on the stage as the representative for the first years from the Flower Song Class in the very same location where the CM was shot. The schedule for Laura's performance was supposed to be on time, but there is trouble with the equipment. It is impossible for Laura to leave the set, so how will Laura be able to get back to the school after her turn--!?


One early morning Laura is filming a commercial for the Miracle! Felici-Taiyaki. Everyone compliments her job well done, with Kaoru apologizing for making her get up so early just to film it on her day of Summer Fest. Laura doesn't mind though, but as they chat one of the staff suddenly run forward to inform them of terrible news.

She calls Anna to inform her of the faulty camera not recording anything, so she's stuck waiting for the replacement part to arrive. She isn't sure if she will make it back or not, but promises she will before hanging up. Yume, concerned for Laura asks what happened to her, and Anna explains that some difficulties came up and she'll be stuck on location for some time. For now all they can do is think of the worst-case scenario.

Kaoru apologizes to Laura, and offers to just wait another day to do the filming- but Laura refuses, and just then the replacement things arrive. Laura notes that Song Class will be starting their part for the event in an hour.

In class, Anna explains what happened to Laura. The girls are concerned, but they know that Hime could perform well on her own as well. Hime suddenly appears to tell everyone that it isn't true, because the recent events have really encouraged the fans, and made things even more exciting than usual. For her to surpass the others without a partner- it just can't be done. With that Hime decides she will need to just pick the student who came in second place. To Yume's surprise, its her. While the class congratulates her, Yume follows Hime off to another room to hold a meeting about the upcoming performance, but she is very anxious and concerned over the change in plans.

With filming finally done, and saved this time, everyone announces the job done. Laura thanks everyone for their hard work and they get to work cleaning up, with Kaoru offering to drive her back to Four Star Academy.

Hime, Anna, and Yume hold their meeting. Yume is unable to feel bad over the turn of events, saying that Laura was meant to do this, and she wants her to go on if she makes it back in time. She refuses to continue talking- and runs off to wait for her at the entrance. As she runs outside she can hear Theater class starting in the building. Ako and Tsubasa chat, with Ako putting on a cute and nervous act instantly winning over the crowd and Tsubasa's respect. Ako is also happy with how reassuring Tsubasa is with nothing more than a glance, admiring her older classmate. With that they go on to put on their performance.

Unfortunately for Laura, they are now stuck in traffic due to an accident. Laura notes that at this time, she should be in the middle of the last rehearsal. With that she decides to take a train to reach the school.

Yume continues to wait around, but with Laura not in sight, she worries further. Koharu joins her and they hear that Theater Class has finished their portion of the event.

As it turns out, the train will be delayed by twenty-to-thirty minutes. Laura sadly notes this and contacts Yume to explain what happened and how there's no way for her to get back in time. She asks Yume to take her place, but Yume tries to convince her to reconsider and refuses to take her place since she worked so hard. However, Laura acts as though its nothing, and she tells Yume to hold her hand above her head. Curiously Yume does as told, and Laura explains that because she knows how much effort Yume puts into things, she trusts her to take her place. With that she hangs up and sits back down to wait for the train.

Encouraged by Laura, Yume runs back inside to find Anna and Hime. She explains to them that she is ready to do this, and will use the spare time remaining to rehearse. She continues working hard for both her sake and Laura's, knowing that Laura trusts her to do well. She uses this trust and imagines Laura beside her while training. With ten minutes left before the performance begins, Yume remains at top form, with Hime remarking that she felt as though Laura was with them as well.

Eventually the show arrives, and Anna informs everyone that Laura won't be able to perform due to an unforeseen accident- but they decided to bring in another student to replace her for today.

In the hallway, Yume steps out of the room with Hime to find a few classmates have gone ahead to make a banner for her. It had been last-minute, so they had to change a few things, but Yume doesn't mind, thanking them before heading off. To her surprise, she finds Mahiru nearby. Mahiru wishes her good luck, telling her to do her best before she rejoins Hime. Yume and Hime head back to change and appear on stage, performing Start Line!.

Once the performance ends, Laura arrives to school to find the performance has just ended. Everyone was amazed, with their classmates cheering for Yume. Laura happily observes the scene before her, also congratulating Yume.

With things wrapping up, Hikaru takes the stage to announce which student did the best and won. Ako is shocked to see that she and Tsubasa have come in last, followed by Haruka and Yuzu. Suddenly, it is revealed to be Hime, representing Song Class has won. Everyone continues to congratulate Yume, including Mahiru, although she claims it won't last too long. Yume happily finds Laura, who claims had she been the one on stage instead, she would have won by a landslide, then teasingly asks that Yume shares her lunch vouchers with her. She agrees to it, quickly embracing Laura.

Later on in the day, Hikaru watches as S4 host a segment on the event. Each of them promise they will win the next time and he shuts his computer, thinking about Yume and wondering just what her talent may be while observing a picture.




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