The Moon and The Sun
Episode 15
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Kanji 月と太陽
English The Moon and The Sun
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 21, 2016
Featured Songs
Opening Start Line!
Ending episode Solo
Insert Song Summer Tears Diary
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Mahiru's Battle! Miracle☆Baton Touch
The Moon and The Sun (月と太陽) is the fifteenth episode of the Aikatsu Stars! Anime Series. It aired on July 21, 2016.


An implementation for a proficiency test has been announced for the first years. Furthermore, one student from each class will be selected to participate in the Summer Festival as a unit with S4. Test results of their abilities come back and Mahiru Kasumi is the first to be selected for the Beauty Class. Everyone thought she would be happy but her facial expression is firm, saying "I will definitely not lose to my sister"...


One day, Tamagoro announces that because three months have passed since the classes arrival, an aptitude test will be held to test everyone. The top scorers will get a chance to perform with Yozora- something that instantly strikes Mahiru's nerve, while Koharu dreamily decides she'll work hard in hopes of getting the top score.

In the auditorium, Hikaru announces the results and reminds everyone they will perform with the various members of S4 and go on to form a unit. Laura is announced as the top score in Flower Song, while Ako is the top in Bird Theater, and a energetic girl, Haruka, is the top score of Wind Dance. Lastly, the top score in Moon Beauty is Mahiru. The four girls are asked to join them on stage and he explains how the performances will work. He also reveals that the unit to do the best will gain a coupon for free lunches, then allows each girl to speak a few words. While Laura, Ako, and Haruka eagerly declare they will win- Mahiru ruins the mood with her own declaration that she refuses to lose to Yozora.

After Yume, Laura, and Koharu return to the dorms they discuss how unexpected Mahiru's comment was. They thought things were better now, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Yume changes the subject by bringing up that Laura will get to perform with Hime, and admits that while she is disappointed- she'll support Laura entirely.

Yozora happily enjoys tea with Mahiru, but Mahiru is less than receptive. She seems not to mind, suggesting they perform to Mahiru's recent song, and that they should wear matching attire. It's then an alarm goes off, signaling that she has to go. Yozora prepares to leave, but Mahiru stops her for a moment. She follows Yozora to her job site, on a live program, and watches from the background.

As Yozora steps onto the stage, the woman host compliments her brand new Romance Kiss outfit. The male suggests they start the performance, and Mahiru watches with amazement. After the program ends, Yozora finds that Mahiru has taken off, leaving a note for her.

In the cafeteria Yume eats as the girls spot Mahiru. They invite her to join them but she initially refuses. She reconsiders, bringing up how she watched Yozora perform and has started to feel disheartened by it. But she refuses to give up now, since all of her hard work would have gone to waste. Hearing this, Koharu asks if there might be a reason she is so competitive with her sister.

Mahiru explains that when they were little, they were nearly inseparable and they got along very well. They often took turns on the same drawings, with Yozora designing them and Mahiru coloring. But one day, Yozora decided to apply for Four Star Academy. Such a decision crushed Mahiru, who felt abandoned by her beloved older sister and was unable to deal with it. She wanted to become an Idol to show up Yozora, and she is sure she must work even harder for that sake. Mahiru apologizes for just ranting to them like this and she storms off, with Koharu expressing concern for her suddenly reverting mood.

Over the course of the next few days Mahiru keeps training. Koharu explains to Yume and Laura that she is sure Mahiru doesn't really want to show up Yozora though.

As Mahiru continues training, she suddenly feels faint. In class, Yozora is informed that she has been sent to the infirmary. Before suggesting that she takes takes the day easy, the doctor gently scolds Mahiru for neglecting her basic needs, then returns to the other part of the room just as Yozora runs in to check on her. For a moment Mahiru is surprised to see her sister, but she quickly turns cold, angered over knowing she's unable to do anything further for the day. Yozora tries to just speak calmly to her, but she is shocked when Mahiru announces that she only came to surpass and show up her. Nothing else matters to her except for that. Then she demands Yozora just leave her alone. Hurt by her sisters words, Yozora slaps Mahiru- but as she realizes what she has done and attempts to speak to her, Mahiru runs out of the room. Yozora chases after her, but the doctor stops her to reveal Mahiru left behind her training shoes. She recalls how Yozora did the same thing when she first joined the Academy and remarks how similar they are.

Mahiru changes and heads to the main office, where she requests Hikaru allow her to drop out of Summer Fest. He agrees to it, and word quickly spreads throughout the school. Koharu is shocked by this and goes to pay her a visit, finding Mahiru in her room, hiding in the dark. Mahiru quietly talks to her from the other side of the door while assuring her that she doesn't want to perform anymore. Koharu tries to reach out to her, saying that she knows the truth behind Mahiru's reasoning. She just wants Yozora to acknowledge her, for real and not just as a sister. She knows how lonely she felt, and is sure that Mahiru would be better if she told Yozora this- but Mahiru suddenly snaps at her. She claims she wasn't lonely and never felt she was to begin with, then demands that she leaves her alone as well.

That evening, Yozora sadly sits outside at the Tea Garden. While observing something, Hime suddenly surprises her by bringing up the performance and how she shouldn't risk getting cold. Yozora claims it doesn't matter now, since her part was removed. She starts to wonder if she made a mistake with how she loved Mahiru, but Hime claims love isn't wrong at all, especially when it comes to sisters. She asks if maybe Yozora has something to tell Mahiru, and she thanks her for listening, running off to find her.

While sitting in her room, Mahiru thinks about Yozora and what Koharu said. After what happened she can't just tell her that now though, and leaves for the outside gazebo in hopes of calming down. She is surprised to find Yozora there, who mentions that she knew she would be there. While touched, Mahiru is quick to ask her why she isn't dressed properly, or why she's even there to begin with since she is a member of S4. Yozora claims that doesn't matter though, because they're sisters. Mahiru then accuses her of never caring about her, but Yozora takes the picture from her pocket, surprising Mahiru even further as she sees it was the one she threw away years ago. Yozora states it won't be done if she doesn't color it, and she's grown to use the picture for encouragement. Their precious memories give her the strength to go on. She goes on to express how happy she was when Mahiru got accepted to the school, and was looking forward to them playing again, just like they used to. As Mahiru attempts to apologize for her behavior, Yozora embraces her younger sister.

With the sisters bond improved, Mahiru quickly apologizes to Koharu for her behavior the previous day. Koharu is quick to forgive her, voicing how happy she is to see her perform. Anna announces the start of Summer Fest, with Yuzu and Haruka performing together first. After they finish, Anna announces that Yozora and Mahiru will take their turn now, and the sisters share a few words before they change into their desired coords and appear on stage, performing Summer Tears Diary.

After, the two sisters stand out in the hallway. Yozora thanks Mahiru for her hard work, and mentions how much fun she had. Mahiru admits that she enjoyed herself as well, and now she wishes to enjoy herself, all thanks to Yozora. However, she still wants to defeat her some day, and will see to it that she does. Seeing the happiness behind her reasoning, Yozora fully supports her sister; behind them the picture is shown to have finally been colored.



  • The title "The Moon and The Sun" refers to Yozora and Mahiru, as their names are translated into "night sky" and "broad daylight" respectively.
  • This is the first time in the series where siblings perform together.
  • This episode also marks the first ever duet performance between a S4 idol and a first year student.
  • The Asian Night Coord makes its debut in this episode.


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