Dreaming bird/Stage
Fashion Show | Live

Dreaming Bird

Song Dreaming bird
Idol Type Cool
Stage Type Fashion Show


First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 3 (Fashion Show)

Part 4 (Live)

Anime Descent of the Tundra Songstress! (Fashion Show)

Four Star Academy, in a Crisis!? (Live)


Fashion Show

The stage takes place in a dark, dull colored room with several hanging chains, broken beams, and ripped up blue curtains. From some of the chains hand a fancy chandelier. The ground matches the beams with blue light bordering the water where the run way sits. In the water are broken beams held by chains and simple candle stands. The audience stand on the outer area of the stage.

The runway is white with the top portion purple, covered in teal chains, blue thorn vines, and turquoise roses. Where the idol starts is a large cage missing the front portion, which has become broken up and rests in the water in scattered parts. The performance monitor is dark blue with chains on the screen, surrounded by several bushes adorned with various purple colored roses and spiked poles, along with two large feathery wings.


The live version resembles the other stage but is circular in shape, with the audience now standing on broken, pale blue stands alternating with a purple section adorned by turquoise roses, chains, and thorn vines. The runway is now gone, with the Idol performing entirely in the cage.

Anime Appearances



Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars!


Fashion Show


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