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Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Wings of Stars Series (データカードダスアイカツスターズ!星の翼) is an arcade collectable card game from Bandai's DATA CARDDASS series. The series is the sequel to the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! series, and is a Bandai original series aimed at female audiences.


Yume Nijino, in a pinch!?

An idol academy in the form of a luxurious cruise ship suddenly appears, and it's name is Venus Ark! The one leading the cruise is the perfect idol, Elza Forte!!

As she travels around the world, Elza gathers idols and brands of excellence. And the new target that they have found: Yume Nijino of Four Star Academy...

"I'll definitely be the number one star among the idols! More and more, the excitement can't be stopped!"



The game casts the player as an aspiring idol student in Four Star Academy, a school dedicated to training girls into becoming idols. There, players are tasked to participate in contests called "auditions."

See Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! for basic Gameplay information.
Note that the Dress Make feature has been removed for Wings of Stars.

Star Premium Rare Dress

Star Premium Rare Dresses are coords that can be obtained by none other than perfect idols, and are dresses that overtake the Premium Rare Coords.

By collecting the top, bottom and shoes of a Star Premium Rare coord, one can participate in the "Wings of Stars Challenge" to obtain the Proof of Star and the Star Premium Rare accessory - the Wings of Stars.

Card Design

Unlike the previous series, where Rare and Normal cards can be dress-made, the system is now removed, and is more similar to how the functioning of the original Data Carddass Aikatsu Series works.

The difference is that the normal and rare cards can be upgraded to a normal+ or a rare+, bearing a slightly similar system to the Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! card upgrading naming.

Normal cards have simple colored background designs. Rare cards have slightly more complicated designs with silver lining on the top and bottom. Premium Rare cards have an intricate design with gold lining on the top and bottom. Lastly, Star Premium Rare cards not only has golden lining, the entire background is gold.

It is also possible to upgrade coord rarities during the game.


Wings of Stars

Promotion Cards

Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Promotion Cards


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