• Kacey UvU


    July 18, 2020 by Kacey UvU

    Feel free to reply so we can chat :D

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  • Idoljourney

    Amazing coords

    December 8, 2019 by Idoljourney

    What idol coord do you like best?Say in this blog!

    Here are my favorite.

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  • Otaku6050

    Aikatsu On Parade

    November 4, 2019 by Otaku6050

    End of aikatsu friends and beginning of Aikatsu On Parade!
    There is already 5 episodes posted on Youtube !

    Now the new main character is Kiseki Raki! (Raki Japanese word meaning Lucky)

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  • InkParade

    So this idea originated from me thinking about all of the opening and ending songs of AiStars anime and realizing that unlike the in original (and in Friends, from where I'm at) the opening and ending songs kind of progress. I don't think that's a good way to word it, so I'll just start explaining right now.

    We start off with Start Line, which is a bold declaration of the series's (and by extension, the protagonist Yume's) ideals; "Dreams aren't meant to be dreamed, they're meant to be fulfilled." This song is very uplifting in tone and its message is reflected in the anime with Yume, with no prior formal training or experience, boldly thrusting herself into the world of Aikatsu because, well, she just wants to. In other words, Start Line c…

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  • NoCheesecakeRipple

    Hello everyone! My name is Ripple and I've been invested in the Aikatsu franchise for around 3 years now, after being dragged into it by a friend. During this time I've developed a lot of ideas for Aikatsu, Aikatsu Stars and Aikatsu friends AUs. Today I'll be sharing the first Aikatsu Stars AU I came up with and publicly shared (Via Aikatsu Amino.). I refer to this AU (Alternative Universe) As the mastermind Hime AU or the Puppet Master Hime AU.

    The AU deals with the concept of having Hime be the primary antagonist in Aistars, having her be the cause of most of he conflict. From the starting episodes of the series in this AU it is clear Hime didn't get rid of her mysterious power like Yume did, instead she merely consealed it inside her th…

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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone!

    It's Fanatic and in today's blog, I'll be ranking the ladies of AIKATSU☆STARS! based on their performance from the' 'AIKATSU☆STARS! SPECIAL LIVE 2018 in Budokan.

    While watching the show, I was very excited to see everyone from the previous series perform. Although, it was bittersweet because I knew it'd be one of their last performances before disbanding, I'm not going to lie... I'm still upset about that and wished they gave Stars a third season so we could see how everyone progressed after season two ended. I mean, the creators finally decided to give Ako a Star Premium Rare Coord, but waited until the series finale to reveal that information. Why couldn't they have incorporated the making of the Sweet Limelight Coord in one of the episodes …

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  • Sasa draagneel

    [[File:Sasa_Dragneel_School_Uniform_and_Stage_Uniform(REMAKE).jpg|thumb|My School Uniform and my Neon Stage coord HOPE YOU LIKE IT! YUME-KAWO! >W

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  • SmileyStar

    My Aikatsu Story :3

    June 17, 2018 by SmileyStar

    Hello everyone!

    Aikatsu Dreams is now published!

    It's my Aikatsu story that I'm writing with my best friend! The first chapter is now published, tho my bestie wrote more than me on the first chapter :P

    If you don't know, Aikatsu Dreams is gonna be like a whole new Aikatsu story! My previous post explains this in more detail xD

    If you're interested, it's now available on Wattpad!

    My wattpad username is: SmileychanEmily

    The story title is:  Aikatsu Dreams!

    I hope you enjoy it! :3

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  • SmileyStar

    My Aikatsu Story!

    June 12, 2018 by SmileyStar

    Hewo everyone xD

    Just to let you know, my best friend and I are currently writing a fanfiction about the Aikatsu franchise on Wattpad! The story will feature our own characters and a new storyline! Though some of the chapters may be similar to Aikatsu Stars! xP

    if you're interested in reading it, my username on Wattpad is: SmileychanEmily

    The story should be published really soon, so look out for it! I'll post again when I've published it xD

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  • XOsha

    Wow, this is pretty late but now... here are my thoughts on Season 2!

    What I liked about Season 2:

    • Venus Ark getting introduced. I felt pretty nostalgic due to the original Aikatsu showcasing Dream Academy.
    • The crossover episodes. I was surprised that the Original Aikatsu and Stars were in the same universe.
    • FuwaFuwa Dream. It's now my favorite pop-type brand! Kirara and Ako really rock in it!
    • Aria. She's my absolute favorite. I instantly fell in love with her after watching her debut episode!
    • Rola and Mahiru became the new muses of Spice Chord and Romance Kiss respectively.
    • Yume making a new brand called Berry Parfait, before evolving into Rainbow Berry Parfait.
    • Koharu coming back. It was nice to see her again.
    • Kirara and Ako's relationship. I lov…
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  • Chrismh

    I thought it'd be fun to make one more (maybe) Generator here since it's always been kind of a fun thing and we got tons of options. However I decided to make this one kind of more... intricut I suppose you could say. Make sure you don't cheat~

    Okay! So for this Generator you will be determing the following:

    • Coord:
    • Stage:
    • Idol Partner/s:
    • Song:

    Be sure to tell us your opinions- and keep in mind the theme should be taken into account! If you don't remember or haven't played this before, you hit the Random button beneath the Explore tab on top of the page :3 if that fails to give you results and you lose your patience, then try to "link results" like for example if you keep getting coords. Well, you take the FIRST coord you got, but say the third coord…

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  • Chrismh

    I was boredly doing my own stuff when I got an idea for a round. Enjoy because I had a lot of fun working on it :3

    1. Ruruzuzu - I really liked how everything looked together. The gentle pastels reminded me of spring and as far as I know, the rules were followed. It really brought to mind a gentle picnic get-together
    2.  ВинКсения - This one wasn't super matchy or anything, but I actually like how cute it is.
    3. Izirre - First one done, first one to get a perfect scoring that looked pretty nice. I liked how it gave me a casual sexy-type idol vibe rather then a supposedly cute one.

    Starting up soon is the brand new comedy-drama "Sister Princess", the tale of royal sisters who attempt to separate themselves from one-another and suddenly find themselves …

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  • Chrismh

    It's time for part 2 of 4!

    1. Izirre - This coord was the definition of this round! I was amazed by how it fit everything I wanted and more~
    2. Yumesuzuki - Initially I thought this was a bit too feminine, but looking back at it- it's actually really good. I really liked how this one looked. I just wish the bottoms fit the blue color scheme better.
    3.  ВинКсения - At first I got worried you used 2 sexy pieces, but it turns out you just chose a very deceiving Cool piece, which I pretty much thought was awesome, especially since you don't see too many feminine cool pieces in this series. I felt this coord needed a bit more sportiness to it though.

    With the weather warmed up and the greenery beginning to return to its beautiful and vibrant hues, everyone has deci…

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  • Chrismh

    Eh, everyone loves a coord competition I guess XD if you like this round I might do ones for the other types. Also, this idea was kind of inspired by Miya, I did tweak a teensy-bit though.

    1.  StarMiya and Izirre - It was the coord to set the bar high and it really did! I liked the color, the rules were followed, I loved the pieces. I also like how it was sexy-themed but not a typical sexy color. It was just perfect- I could see it being a real coord. Izirre's meanwhile, I loved for being the epitome of sexy-style coords!
    2.  ВинКсения and Ruruzuzu - In comparison these were on the typical side, but I loved the originality with the chosen pieces and how you didn't do what a lot of other users did so I was very appreciative of the more unique twists.
    3. Pinkie…

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  • Chrismh

    Long story short, since I like the number 5 I decided to make another round. So... anyway, make sure to pay attention and have fun!

    1.  Ruruzuzu both coords - Everything matched so precisely had I had to check it and make sure it wasn't all from the same coord. They gave me wonderful Spring and Easter vibes and I loved that they were casual too! They really stood out against the fancier coords.
    2.  Yumesuzuki 1st coord- Everything matched and overall the entire coord screamed Spring! At this point I was starting to get annoyed everyone was going for fancier styles but her coord, while a bit fancy looking, wasn't over the top in elegance. It's perfect for an Easter sunday or just going outside to have an egg hunt~
    3. Mimikyuuu IS A POTATO and CrimsxnThunder …

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  • Otaku0910

    Second Cover

    April 9, 2018 by Otaku0910

    Hey y'all my second cover is now live on my channel. i really love this song because i am the *all you want to know about Fujishiro Rie* wiki and I LOVE REI. So, by all means, please check it out. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Please subscribe to my channel and also tell me how is it in the comments section down below.

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  • Chrismh

    Okay, so for the time being this will probably be the last round. I know I said the last one would be- but I got this GREAT idea and since the last topic was so popular I thought I'd go ahead and make it instead of saving it for AiFriends once it got far enough. Who knows, I might end up making another if I get another idea. Oh also, I know this is a day late but oh well.

    1. JoShiningStar, NightBellRose, Izirre  - The colors, the style, the designs! Everything worked perfectly!
    2. Yumesuzuki and Wind rider33- Both of you made really nice and lovely coords, but they were lacking either in terms of elements or style.
    3. XOsha - You got a perfect 10 as well, but you also took several tries so I felt I'd rank you overall, instead of just giving you 1st pla…

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  • XOsha

    Since AiStars is now over. I'm going to showcase my thoughts on the whole series. 

    I'm splitting it into two parts as each part will cover one season.

    This one is about Season 1. I will showcase what I liked about it and what I disliked or showed criticism about.

    I will showcase things I liked about it:

    • I liked the introduction of the 25th Generation of S4. Hime's my favorite.
    • Yume's an interesting character. No really. She is. I had a blast watching her growth into becoming an idol worthy of making S4. I wanted her to destroy the world hehe. ;3
    • Rola/Laura/whatever was interesting as well. She had good character development as well. Not just Yume.
    • I liked how the brands: My Little Heart, Spice Chord, Romance Kiss, and Shiny Smile had seasonal them…
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  • Otaku0910

    Hey y'all my first cover, ever, is now live on my channel. i specifically wanted to dish it out on this day as it marks the end of a beuatiful journey and it also marks a new Start Line! so, by all means, please check it out. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Please subscribe to my channel and also tell me how is it in the comments section down below.

    i promise i'll get better at it, so please watch me grow, this is MY start line. x.

    ✿--✿--✿ message ✿--✿--✿
    thank you AIKATSU☆STARS!, aikatsu staff members and everyone on the team for the beautiful 100 episodes and everything else, especially Ako uwu. It's been a fun ride for all the 99 episodes and when i imagine that the final episode is about to air in 2 hours, i really go, *wa…

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  • Chrismh

    I remembered what number I was on : 3 anyway I hope you guys enjoy my most-likely final round for this series. It came to me at the last second and I really didn't want to wait for AiFriends to get started to make it. 

    (I realized I didn't comment on everyone's entries, but I can still do some fair judgement on them)

    1.  Jo SHININGSTAR, Stars&Dreams, Izirre, NightBellRose, and Pinkiez - All five of these users made a spot-on and perfect looking coord. They fit the theme and made amazing pieces that I felt truly earned a 10. I was honestly shocked by how many of you did S+ rank work XD
    2. ВинКсения and Ruruzuzu - I really, really liked these two coords. They were a tiny bit similiar, but I felt like they were still unique enough to avoid any trouble.…

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  • Pyo-kiyo

    Fancover - One Step

    March 23, 2018 by Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone!

    Some of you may have noticed that the Aikatsu Stars! series is slowly nearing its end... (why am I using irony here?)

    Anyway, since it is almost time to leave our beloved Stars! behind and move onto Friends!, in other words it is time "I take One big step towards the other side", so I did a cover of One Step. (The other reason is that it is finally the long promised pop-type song, lol.)

    I hope you'll like it, and that you'll together cherish the memories while facing the future with smile. "Let's have fun My friends."

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  • Staraptor Kwan

    Aikatsu Stars is ending. Everyone in the Aikatsu fanbase knows that. Needless to say, with the anime adaptation and the DCD game both ending their operations for Stars and moving on to Friends at the start of April, it's time to start saying goodbye to all of our beloved characters and the setting.But with departure, comes a sense of regret. Even the most hardcore fan with rose-tinted glasses would have agreed that the 2nd (and last) season of Stars hadn't been the best of seasons, mainly due to some main problems and inconsistencies with the story.

    But the real reason for its slow and painful demise was the absolutely dreadful DCD campaign for the 2017-2018 season, and oh boy, so much salt has been thrown around regarding the multiple cont…

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  • Chrismh

    As sad as this topic might become, I thought this could be an interesting topic to sort of... bond and reconnect over the series. There's so much we might miss about it- like a specific character, a certain song, coord, a shipping, a unit you won't be seeing, a brand, a theme, anything!

    As I mentioned before, I'm really going to miss Akonyan and Laura, and even Haruka (she's minor but I was dying to see her become a main character at some point). I'm really going to miss the girly-rock style of Spice Chord, and My Little Heart as a whole, a few songs...

    So anyway, what about you guys?

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  • Staraptor Kwan

    WTH YURI???

    March 16, 2018 by Staraptor Kwan

    Okay, Ashida Yuri, you have disappointed me. Or, I should blame the writers for pulling out what could possibly be one of the biggest curveballs to have ever happened in the history of Aikatsu. Not that it's a major one to be fair, but still...arghhh! It seriously hurts, just thinking about it.

    Oh sorry, where was I? Well, back to the topic at hand, I'm sure many of you might have watched the most recent episodes, namely 97 and 98 in the past few weeks. While the most recent one saw a whole lot of changes that would lead towards a unseen future (sadly, that is not a pun but the honest truth) such as Yuzu & Lilie forming a unit, Haruka Ruka joining the S4 in Yuzu's stead and Laura deciding to leave Four Star Academy for England. But in the p…

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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone!

    It’s Fanatic, and I’m back with an updated version of my ranking for the members of AIKATSU⭐STARS! after seeing the 2017 Aikatsu Music Festa in full. Some of the girls might get moved up or down, while others stay in the same spot, so lets get started! Oh… I also thought to do this since Stars will be ending by the end of this month. 😭 At number one, we have…

    1) Kana Hoshizaki - Kana gets the number one spot this time because it’s like I said the last time; SHE ROCKED IT! I love that she can change her vocal range with no problem and can put on an amazing performance! From singing as the sweet and soft Madoka, to currently singing as the mature and elegant Mahiru, Kana’s come a long way since she joined the group.   Now for my opin…

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  • Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa

    Yes. Venus Ark, now Neo Venus Ark is an international idol school (?) on the sea featuring idols all across the globe. So, with the pages for the supporting NVA students are made, I kinda made assumptions to where they are from, just basing from their names.

    • Elza Forte - We all know she came from Monaco right. It is a small country just right under France and it has good casinos though I'm not permitted to go there.
    • Kirara Hanazono - Yes, we know she came from New Zealand. Sheep is quite a big thing there I guess. If so, makes sense.
    • Rei Kizaki - I thought she came from Spain. Then, she said she came from New York, USA.
    • Aria Futaba - She came from Finland and still she must've had Finnish blood, right? I thought she will be Italian due to the nam…
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  • Lilyshirogane2201

    After watching Aikatsu Music Festa I wonder' Why Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars characters didn't have their own lightstick colours? 'I mean there is 25 idols(Aikatsu!)and 14 (AiStars!), their image colour can be same but It's  different if we look more carefully. Does it because Bandai is lazy?  

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  • SmileyStar

    Hewo everyone :3

    I'm just curious to see what everyone's fav song and fav character is. It's so hard to chose, but for character, I'd probably go with Yume. For song, I like soo many! What are your opinions? :D

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  • Yumesuzuki

    Hello! Yume is Here!!

    Please take a look at this if you are interested in joining a Love live base chorus, I have provided the information that you might need for auditioning here.

    Thank you!! 

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  • WinxScreenshots

    I thought there was only 1 Sun Dress and that Elza had it. Someone help me out with understanding this, please?

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  • Suni-re

    Hello Everyone! I'm back with my cosplay as Promise!  Mahiru in her Daylight festival Coords xD it doesn't look as decent as Kana's  but I tried my best, at least i have the wing which she doesn't.  I was too over acessorized that i have to take of some of the accessories part even the leg jewels and her wing.. I cant :') it was heavy and uncomfortable ..and the wig isn't even mahiru's, it was mikuru's but i took out her twintails XD

    Recently I figured out a way to make gems with hot glues and mold xD SO it leaded me to cosplay this as she has too many jewels on her  but it turned out to be a big fail :')

    I swear aikatsu costumes are so Extreme .. the sexy idol have too many jewels and accessories ... I'd die if i Cosplay someone from aikats…

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  • Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone! 

    As I mentioned in the comments section of the previous blog post recently I've been interested on covering one of Perfect Elza's songs, The only sun light. I tried doing so and here is the result!!!

    As for the next cover... I finally want to do a pop song, and I can tell you it will be either One Step or Bon Bon Voyage! Which one of them it's going to be I'm not 100% sure...

    Anyway, please enjoy this cover, and thank you for your support!!!

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  • Staraptor Kwan

    The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Hyōgo Prefecture announced "Tezukatsu! ~Tezuka Osamu x Aikatsu!Series~" as its 73rd exhibit on Friday. The exhibit will run at the museum from March 1 to June 25. The collaboration image below features Aikatsu Stars!'s Yume dressed as the title character from Osamu Tezuka's Princess Knight manga and anime. Meanwhile, Akari cosplays as Marvelous Melmo's lead, and Ichigo channels Black Jack's Pinoko.

    The exhibit will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Aikatsu! anime. The exhibit will introduce the Aikatsu! series' idols, display anime materials, and feature the latest information about the Aikatsu Friends! anime that will premiere in April.

    Aikatsu Friends! is the third entry in the Aikatsu! franchise, whic…

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  • FanaticAnime

    Hey, Everyone! It's Fanatic, and I'm back with a blog about the auras that we've seen in this season of Aikatsu! Stars.

    I'll start with Ako's aura!

    The white lines, adorned with pearls and flower bouquets, form a chain-like circle around Ako. The large, translucent blue, gold and green spheres can also be seen floating around her as they fade away. Ako's covered in a yellow glow and is surrounded by fuchsia glitter, with flowers that loosely float around her.

    Next, we have Mahiru's aura!

    When activated, there's an explosion of magenta feathers, followed by multi-colored glitter that spirals around her body. Mahiru is then surrounded by a purple glow. Forming a circle around her body are the same circular metal designs, translucent beads, and jewel…

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  • Mizu-Chama

    End Of Aikatsu Stars!

    February 7, 2018 by Mizu-Chama

    It's very sad if aikatsu stars will end, but do you think aikatsu friends good? I still don't know when Aikatsu Friends will start, you know what?

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  • Chrismh

    I figured with this series almost done, we should try to get one more Coord Competition in~

    1. Stars&Dreams - It was only a few points away from being a perfect 10! It reminded me of vibrant, colorful christmas trees and decorations!
    2. MikuruMiracle - It was only a few points away from being a perfect 10 as well! It was sweet and delicate looking- perfect with the chosen inspiration. Everything matches perfectly.
    3. Yumesuzuki - I wanted to rank this higher but you did break a rule XD the coord is very wintery and sweet, I like the inspiration behind it as well.

    Everyone's favorite sweet holiday is approaching: Valentines Day

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  • Rinasuzuki

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  • Yumesuzuki


    February 3, 2018 by Yumesuzuki

    Hello! Yume is here! 

    Please read the description box! I am too lazy to write it again.

    All of this girls are very talented singers!

    Let clap for them!

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  • Dorayaki


    1) The following post and discussion use references from the DCD arcade game, the history of previous series, and also Takara Tomy's Pretty series.

    2) The following post contains critiques toward the Aikatsu! series, please understand. Feedbacks are welcome.

    Since the arcade game has announced the final update of game before the new series comes, I think this is the proper time to have a post to discuss the whole AiStars deal.

    So here is the general issue: Aikatsu Stars fails to meet fans' expectation. What is the expectation fans had, and why AiStars failed? Here is the analysis:

    Well there's really no need to complain. We had ten main characters from Season 1, in Season 2 we have the four Venus characters, Yuri Ashida, not counting chara…

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  • Mimikyuuu IS A POTATO


    Today on January 25, Bandai revealed its original IP Aikatsu! franchise's next series Aikatsu Friends! for April 2018 launch. The idol-themed franchise for girls started its service as one of Bandai's Data Carddass line in October 2012 and has shipped over 250 million cards in Japan. Two anime series featuring its characters have been aired: Aikatsu! (Sunrise-BN Pictures/2012-2016) and the ongoing Aikatsu Stars! (BN Pictures/2016-). "Aikatsu" is short for Aidoru Katsudou (Idol Activities).

    The third TV anime series Aikatsu Friends! is also confirmed to premiere on TV Tokyo and its affiliates in April 2018, after the two-season run of Aikatsu Stars! ends. The concept of the third ser…

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  • Yukino Neko

    Aikatsu Friends Stuff

    January 25, 2018 by Yukino Neko


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  • Girl88

    Aikatsu Friends!

    January 25, 2018 by Girl88

    So, it happened. More reboots! xd

    They look more magical XD

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  • Pyo-kiyo

    Hello everyone!!!

    As promised I'm here with the cover of the song that received the most votes in the poll featured in my last blog post, MUSIC of DREAM!!!, which crashed all the other options. Thank you for participating in the poll!

    Counting the previous short version of The Wasteland's Miracle, this is my fifth fancover. I would like to thank you all for supporting me and liking my covers. THANK YOU!!! I hope you'll enjoy this one as well.

    Anyway, recently I've joined an Aikatsu Stars! cover group, so please do look forward to our group covers as well!

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  • Mimikyuuu IS A POTATO

    Yada yadaa yaddaa some fan design yada yadaa yadaaa ENJOY!

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  • CureHibiki

    So it's been a month and two days since I opened auditions for an AIKATSU✩STARS cover group~! After listening to the auditions I got over and over again, and figuring out what their roles could be exactly...I have finally came to a conclusion!!! Yes, finally!! Sorry it took so long!

    To those who have not passed, I would like to say, you all have wonderful voices and I say you should all continue to sing, because you're all very talented!! But hey, don't let this get you down as I am sure there are plenty of opportunities to join other cover groups~!

    Anyway, those who passed will be listed down below, along with the role they have gotten. I'm pretty sure I gave you the roles you guys auditioned for but if not, don't worry, if you don't like t…

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  • Otaku0910

    Hey y'all, it's been a really long time since I have been 'active' on the wiki but...

    today I have a very very verryyyyy special news regarding the Aikatsu Stars Live tour that has now toured through Miyagi and Tokyo and is to visit Osaka on 1/14. Details aside, now to address the actual topic of this blog:

    The debut of Star Premium Rare Coords; worn by members of course.

    Yes, you read it right.

    Risa from Dempagumi inc. who voices Elza, has been donning the Blooming Queen Coord for the longest time but in addition to her other girls wore SPR's of characters they voice, which include:

    • Sena who voices Yume, wore the Rainbow Étoile Coord
    • Rie who voices Laura wore the Rock My Heart Coord and the Innocent Prince Coord as Rei
      • Rie acted super ikemen and…
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  • Lotary

    I was scrolling through AiStars tags on Tumblr when I stumbled upon this pic:

    The art seems legit. It looked like one of main artists of AiStars had drawn this. What do you think about this pic? I personally hope it's official because I have been longing for Aikatsu + Precure collaboration!

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  • Hielmiez

    Surprisingly Bandai Namco Pictures as the company that produce AiStars registered new product related to Aikatsu, its name Aikatsu Friends!, so I wonder if this will become next series for Aikatsu franchise, even though this is not for sure yet until BANDAI tell what this product means, you can see the info here

    And this is its logo:

    Anyway Happy New Year for all (^_^)


    Aikatsu Friends! confirmed to be next Aikatsu series and will start after AiStars S2 end on March.

    Here the official website for AiFure :

    List of characters:

    1. Aine Yuuki
    2. Mio Minato
    3. Maika Chouno
    4. Ema Hinata
    5. Karen Kamishiro
    6. Mirai Asuka

    More info probably will reveal each week, so let's wait for more info who will become their seiyuu and singing …

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  • CrystalSora

    Same as the previous round, once 'I've started judging so NO more entries will be taken in.

    Okay, I got permission from Jo SHININGSTAR to do this a while ago so yeah I'm doing it now.

    Winner of the last round: Otaku0910

    Winner of round:  Pinkiez

    If you did the last round, you may either use your character from there or you can create a new one.

    So if you did not participate in the last round this is what I want you to do. 

    1. State your character's name.
    2. Type: Cute Cool Sexy or Pop.
    3. School VA or 4SA.
    4. If it's from 4SA a normal student, admin or S4.
    5. If it's from VA Country of birth and background

    Creating a brand and Premium Rare for your character. 

    So first state your Character's name ( if you don't have one, one comment will be the character and the oth…

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  • HoshinaAki

    Hey Ho, everyone! First of all, I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you guys, XD!

    Anyway...This is my fan cover for Dreaming Bird. I am sure I did some mistakes in the lyrics. Still, I hope you guys like it! Thank you and have a Merry Merry Christmas!

    I want to have some comment on which song I should sing next??? ~_~ Hmmm...

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