Each idol has a unique autograph that she makes for her fans. They can often be found on official merchandise or signed live.

List of Autographs

Four Star Academy

Idols Autograph Summary
Yume Nijino Autograph-yume Romaji with her last name written first. The "n" in Nijino is drawn largely to incorporate a face inside and has two ears beside it to look like a koala. The I's in the surname uses tiny hearts as the dot. Connected to the E at the end of her first name is a small cloud with three rainbow trails.
Laura Sakuraba Autograph-rola Bubbly Romanji cursive, surname first, with two hearts above it.
Mahiru Kasumi Autograph-mahiru Romaji cursive of her first name. A swirled sun design connects to the U.
Ako Saotome Autograph-ako Romaji of her surname, with a cat head drawn on top of the line extended from the S. Beneath the cat is a smiley face with large eyes sticking its tongue out.
Koharu Nanakura Autograph-koharu Stylised Kanji that is written in a smiling bunny head. A stroke from the last letter extends into a curved heart. 
Yuzu Nikaidō Autograph-yuzu Romaji cursive with a large tangerine connected to the Y of Yuzu. Eyes and a mouth are drawn on it. At the end of her last name is an exclamation mark.
Lily Shirogane Autograph-lily Romaji cursive of her first name. The i in her first name use a heart as a dot. At the end of her name is a birdcage design with a black bird above on it.

Four Star Academy 25th Gen S4

Idols Autograph Summary
Hime Shiratori Autograph-hime Romaji cursive with a swan drawn around it that connects from the i. A small bow is drawn on the swans head, with one-half of the bow filled and the other hollow.
Tsubasa Kisaragi Autograph-tsubasa Romaji cursive of her first name in a sharp slant. From the bottom of the T, the line extends into the shape of two sideway wings.
Yozora Kasumi Autograph-yozora Romaji cursive of her first name with a curved line beneath it. From the a extends a line shaped like a star.

Four Star Academy M4

Idols Autograph Summary
Subaru Yūki Autograph-subaru Kanji writing of his name in a clean stroke style. The last character in his first name ends with a star.
Nozomu Igarashi Autograph-nozomu Romaji cursive writing of his first name "Nozomu", separated into two rows: "Nozo" on the top and "mu" on the bottom. A strike goes down the middle of "Nozo".
Asahi Kasumi Autograph-asahi TBA
Kanata Kira Autograph-kanata A straight line with a sideways "W" written across it to represent two "K's". An "N" is written beneath it, with the longer end having a pair of headphones over it, as well as a plus symbol above the headphones.

Venus Ark

Idols Autograph Summary
Elza Forte Elza autograph Cursive writing of her full name.
Kirara Hanazono Autograph-kirara Kanji of hana and hiragana of zono to make up her surname. Kirara is written in hiragana, with the characters of kira forming the body of a lamb, and the last ra outside of it. A lamb-like face is drawn into the body. All short strokes of the characters are replaced by dots.
Rei Kizaki Autograph-rei Romaji writing of her name in sharp clean strokes, surname first. The letter "K" is combined with the design under her name that forms a sword.
Aria Futaba Autograph-aria Romaji writing of her name in a slightly curly style. A ribbon is on top of "F" in the surname, and the first name ends in another ribbon as well. The dot of the "i" in "Aria" is written with a heart instead.


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