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Aikatsu Stars! The Movie (劇場版 アイカツスターズ! Gekijōban Aikatsu Sutāzu!) is the movie adaptation of Aikatsu Stars! anime series. It was first announced on February 22, 2016, along with the new franchise's release. The movie premiered in theaters across Japan on August 13, 2016. The DVD and Blu-ray versions were released on February 2, 2017 in Japan.


With the intention of appearing in an event on a southern island, the students of Four Star Academy are taking off!
There, rumors about a pair of legendary dresses sleeping within the island...
A story about Yume and Laura's friendship, with S4 taking the stage together for the first time.
Furthermore, putting the legendary dresses into a Dress Make...
A thrilling and exciting Aikatsu! story is coming to theaters this summer!





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Internet Reservation Bonus

Purchasing seats on the internet prior to the movie will allow you to collect these three Aikatsu! Cards: the Ribbon Morning No Sleeve for Normal Tickets; the Rhythm Dark Snow Shirt for Child Tickets; and the Ribbon Pink Heart T-Shirt for Adult and Child Combo.

Regular Nationwide Tickets

These tickets come in three categories: Child, Normal and Adult + Child Combo tickets. These designs are all in anime artwork.

Premium Ticket Set

Both sets include A4 size original drawing tickets. The first set, the Aikatsu Stars! edition: "Everyone aims! For the Number One Star" comes with four S4 accessory cards, featuring Yume, Laura, Mahiru and Ako on the ticket cover. This set costs 3,200 yen on its own.

The second set, the Aikatsu! edition "Everyone's passionate! Idol Activities" comes with a coord that uses the classic Aikatsu! card layout, and costs 5,000 yen on its own. The ticket features Soleil and Luminas.

Gifts Information

Advanced Purchase Gift Wave 1

You are able to choose between the "Pink Step Onepiece" and the "Pink Step Sandals" from the Pink Step Coord, with only 30,000 prints available for each option.

Advanced Purchase Gift Wave 2

You can choose either accessory card featuring two of the Top Stars of S4 - Hime Shiratori and Yozora Kasumi - with the Aurora Butterfly Headband and the Asian Night Accessory. There will be only 15,000 prints available for each option.

First Arrival Purchase Present

You are able to get an Aikatsu Stars! x Aikatsu! Special W Mini Poster, with only 10,000 prints available.

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