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Шаблон:Infobox coord Dark Top Star Coord (ダークトップスターコーデ) is Tsubasa's school dress for the 2016 series. It made a cameo apperance in Episode 01 of the Aikatsu Stars! anime series and debuted as a promotional set.


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A dark indigo tube top with gold border and trim of dark blue ruffles. A band of white goes down the middle with a gold lined V-shape where indigo, black, and dull red argyle fabric resides. A gold ornate strip lines the top of this. Included is a silver chain necklace and a red collar with silver studs and buckle, along with glittery dark blue opera gloves. One glove has a a buckled strap matching the collar, while the other has a red bow with a star hanging from it, adorned by a crystal gem. A gold pearl chain wraps around the glove with stars decorating it. The user gains indigo star tattoos on the left corner of the chest.

Dark Top Star SkirtПравить

A glittery dark blue skirt with two layers of diagonal cut fabric over it, both lined in gold to accent the ornate design around the top. One layer is made from the argyle fabric, the other is a dark indigo ruffle with a gold ornate star on the corner, followed by a few smaller stars of silver and gold, and several pearls.

Dark Top Star BootsПравить

Thigh boots with a gold sole and white tongue, and gold ribbon laced through it alternating with another color, he white boot having red, while the dark indigo has dark blue. On the side of the foot and upper-leg are the stars and pearls from the skirt, while the ruffled, dark blue cuff has a gold pearl chain circling the middle and a crystal adorned star on the side. On the right thigh are indigo star tattoos.

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Dark Top Star Tube Top Dark Top Star Skirt Dark Top Star Boots

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Dark Top Star Tube Top Dark Top Star Skirt Dark Top Star Boots


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