Шаблон:Infobox coordLilac Marching Coord (ライラックマーチングコーデ) is Mahiru's school dress for the second season. It debuted in Part 3 of the Promotional Collection of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! Wings of Stars series, made a cameo appearance in Episode 69 and made official debut in Episode 87 of the anime.


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A lilac corset with a dark blue strip at the center lined in gold to match the thiny buttons. The chest has a sweetheart neckline and lining of gold studs inches from the top, and worn over it is a violet vest with gold and hot pink lining. Drawn on the side is a light blue star, and at the middle is a dark blue band with a single gold chain held by a pair of stars, a hot pink ribbon attached to the left star. On the ribbon is a gold star and ruby diamond. The lapel is split in two layers, the top being dark blue with a gold button at each corner, and the lower portion is a lavender check. Included is a gold necklace with three diamond dangles, one larger than the others, and a pair of check cuffs with gold and hot pink lining, and trim of white ruffles. 

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A check pleat skirt with the pleats alternating between lilac and light purple. Each pleat has a gold ornate heart drawn at the bottom, and lining of gold and hot pink circles the bottom of the skirt. The waistband is dark blue with gold border and a star on each side holding chains that circle the waist, and hanging from the left is a violet piece of fabric lined in gold to accent the ornate border, fringed lining, and star design. Surrounding the star are peach and gold smaller stars, and pearls. The petticoat is a white ruffle.

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White boots with a gold platform sole and wedge heel. Split colored fabric of violet and lilac wraps around the leg with gold border and three, dark blue and gold buttoned straps. The lilac flap-style check cuff is lined by a gold fringe, and hanging from the middle is the gem adorned star with ruffled white fabric wrapped around the boot diagonally.

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Tops Bottoms Shoes
Lilac Marching Top Lilac Marching Skirt Lilac Marching Boots

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Lilac Marching Top Lilac Marching Skirt Lilac Marching Boots


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87, 100 450px Mahiru


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