Коорд Розовой Звезды
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Тип Милый
Бренд Нет
Редкость Обычный
Первое появление
Игра Часть 1
Аниме Серия 1 - Начало мечты

Pink Star Coord|ピンクスターコーデ}} is Yume's and several cute type idol's school dress for the 2016 series. It debuted in Episode 01 of the Aikatsu Stars! anime series and debuted in the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! promotional collection.


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A glittery pearl pink collared top with a pink jacket worn over it lined in gold. The glittery lapel is baby blue and gold, and both the bottom and sleeves are lined by white ruffles. On the right of the chest is pink and light blue argyle print, and at the middle are two gold chains held by gold stars. At the neck is a hot pink bow with a crystal gem adorned star hanging from it. Included are white ruffled cuffs with gold border, and a gold star and cerulean spherical bead bracelet. The nails are painted pink.

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A glittery baby blue skirt with two peplum layers over it, both lined in gold to accent the ornate design around the waistband. One layer is made from the argyle fabric, the other is pink with a gold ornate star off-center, surrounded by pearls and stars of gold and silver.

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Pink shoes with a gold sole and pearl pink toe lined by frills. On the side of the foot and are the stars and pearls from the skirt, and around the top is ruffled split-colored fabric of white and baby blue, held by a hot pink bow with a gold star hanging from it. Gold and pink ribbon wraps around the lower leg.

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Pink Star Top
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Pink Star Bottom
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Pink Star Shoes

Tops Bottoms Shoes
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Pink Star Top
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Pink Star Bottom
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Pink Star Shoes
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