Коорд Морозной Королевы
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Frozen Queen Coord (フローズンクイーンコーデ) is a premium rare coord made by the sexy brand Romance Kiss that debuted in Part 4 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! series and Episode 41 of the anime.


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A shimmering ice blue gradient top cut at a diagonal on the torso, each layer lined with gold detail and decorated with colorful gems. Around the chest and shoulders is fluffy, pale blue fabric adorned by silver snowflakes and gems, along with a single gold snowflake on each shoulder, which has a dark blue gem on it. Hanging from this fabric is a gold band wrapped around the arm with gems hanging from it. Pale pink, white, and pale blue gradient fabric wraps around the neck with gold accenting, while on each wrist is a fluffy white cuff adorned by a dark blue gem surrounded by smaller gold diamonds.

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A shimmering ice blue mini-skirt with a snowflake pattern, gold lining, and vine-like designs. The waistband is solid gold, attached to two pieces of gradient ice blue peplum sewn beneath it. The second layer is longer than the first, and they have a cut in the middle to reveal the mini-skirt. On the top layer are colorful gem shards and gold snowflakes.

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Gold heels with a white fluffy cuff on each ankle. Gold detail circles the middle, surrounding a dark blue gem. Sheer pink gradient stockings are included, covered in glittering purple lines, gold and silver snowflakes, and colorful dots.

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A gold crown with smaller silver shards, attached to a fluffy white base decorated with colorful gems surrounding a diamond snowflake. Gold dangles are included, attached to a colorful gem snowflake with a gold bead in the center.

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Tops Bottoms Shoes
Frozen Queen Top Frozen Queen Skirt Frozen Queen Shoes


Frozen Queen Accessory

Tops Bottoms Shoes
Frozen Queen Top Frozen Queen Skirt Frozen Queen Shoes


Frozen Queen Accessory


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41 400px Yozora


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