Коорд Бабочки Авроры
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Тип Милый
Бренд My Little Heart
Редкость Премиум Редкий
Первое появление
Игра Часть 2
Аниме Серия 13 - Маленькие сказки

Коорд Бабочки Авроры (オーロラバタフライコーデ) - is a premium rare coord by the cute brand My Little Heart. It has debuted in Part 2 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! series and in Episode 13 of the anime.


Aurora Butterfly TopПравить

A glittery, pale blue folded top with pale pink coloring on the top right and lower left corners. The middle and top of the chest is lined by white tulle with a frilly white piece of fabric sticking out at the middle. Matching scallops line the shoulder with ruffled, double layered sleeves of pale blue, the top of which has a pale rainbow gradient. White bunched fabric circles the torso, held by a blue, pink, and purple gem butterfly with a white ornate frame. At the middle is a sapphire, and the bottom wings are tipped with an amethyst diamond. Beneath the butterfly is a pearl chain and three gold pearls, each attached to a crystal diamond. On the right side is a gold butterfly and colorful gems. Included are silver and gold chain necklaces, a butterfly hanging from the gold chain accent by a gold pearl and tiny sapphires on the bottom wing tips. On the wrists are pearl pink fluffy cuffs with colorful gems sewn to the middle, and a pair of gold and silver chains held by a glittery purple gradient ribbon at the middle. A gold pearl hangs from the bot with a sapphire diamond beneath it. 

Aurora Butterfly SkirtПравить

A glittery pale blue skirt with streaks of pastel colors through it and a print of butterflies, some solid in color. A pastel rainbow gradient glittery layer sticks out from the bottom, and the waistband is solid pale blue. Hanging from each corner is a pearl pink ruffled piece of fabric, with a glittery ribbon at the middle, lavender on the right pieces, pastel pink on the left, each with a single gold pearl and sapphire diamond hanging from it. Bunched, glittery rainbow fabric circles the skirt and hangs down the back.

Aurora Butterfly SandalsПравить

Pearl sandals with an ornate foot strap that has a colorful butterfly placed at the middle adorned by a sapphire. On the left ankle are a couple pastel pink, yellow, and blue flowers, and on the left thigh are two pearl chains, one of gold with several sapphires hanging from the bottom. On the other leg are the same pearls, connected by a colorful gem butterfly with a chain hanging from the sapphire at the middle and a crystal at the bottom, along with tiny amethysts hanging from the bottom corner of the wings. Pastel, colorful gradient ribbon wraps around the right leg with spread out pastel pink, blue, and yellow flowers on it.

Aurora Butterfly HeadbandПравить

A pastel turquoise headband with glittery rainbow coloring across the top and a gold pearl border. Colorful gems are scattered across the top, and on the left corner is a pearl pink pom-pom with three lilac lined fluffy petals attached to the side, coming in lavender, pastel pink, and yellow, with a few scattered gems on them. Gold pearl dangles are included with a sapphire diamond at the bottom and a single, pastel turquoise wing on the side.

Dress ItemsПравить

Tops Bottoms Shoes
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Aurora Butterfly Top
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Aurora Butterfly Skirt
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Aurora Butterfly Sandals


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Aurora Butterfly Headband

Tops Bottoms Shoes
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Aurora Butterfly Top
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Aurora Butterfly Skirt
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Aurora Butterfly Sandals


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Aurora Butterfly Headband


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16, 22, M01, 50 螢幕快照 2016-08-06 下午01.37.00 Hime


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